Sunday, March 23, 2014

face, hair, body

FACE: This totally creeped me out. I read this post years ago and immediately said, "Pft, no way. Wash my face with oil? You're crazy!" Even though I brushed it off initially, my brain filed it away in the you're-going-to-want-this-later cabinet. This year I dusted off the idea and put it into action after I became frustrated with trying to find the right moisturizer. My face had been feeling really tight and itchy and I was throwing away heaps of cash trying different brands. The oil cleansing method popped into my head (thanks brain). I gathered the ingredients (I had a hard time finding castor oil for a decent price, I finally found it at my local Sprouts store), mixed them together and applied them. Let me tell you. Whoa. I mean whoa. I don't need a moisturizer (I still use a light day moisturizer with SPF to protect my face from the desert sun) and I don't feel dry and itchy.

HAIR: Love me some Birchbox. This video for a quick but absolutely stylish 'do caught my eye.

BODY: I have like, 0 minutes a day to exercise. I love to work out, I want to work out, I feel better when I workout but I'm in a season of life where it's not a reality. BUT! I can squeeze in a 12 minute full body workout or a 5 minute ab workout (maybe I set my alarm 15 minutes earlier or I say to hell with the dishes a few nights a week). XHIT Daily has a ton of quick-workout videos to check out, so get going!

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