Tuesday, April 1, 2014

squity-eye and furrowed-brow skepticism

I get into these natural skincare jams. You know, make your own face wash, moisturizer etc. I scour Pinterest for ideas and recipes and flip through old copies of Vegetarian Times and Natural Living. The simplicity draws me in and the chance to break out from the crowd is appealing. I told you about the oil cleansing method last week and I am totally sold on it. It works beautifully.

But, in my research, the DIY natural skincare recipes quickly and abruptly change from simple to downright silly. I mean I already feel a bit silly slathering on oil from my kitchen onto my face and now you're telling me to mix up avocado, yogurt, oatmeal, sugar, cinnamon, boiled and pureed apple, egg whites, lemon juice and smashed blueberries and put it on my face?
That's when I come down with the squinty-eye and furrowed-brow kind of skepticism.
I am 99.9% sure the person on the other side of the article is sitting there, slouched back in her chair, snickering at her little joke on the ladies of the world.

Do you ever come down with squinty-eye and furrowed-brow skepticism?

I get it often. I mean, are they really recycling or is it just an excuse to sell more trash receptacles? Is the humane society really using my donation for good, or just increasing someone's paycheck? Are the car salesman really consulting their sales managers during price negotiations or are they going back to their offices and putting their feet up?

Some might call it a lack of faith. I call it a healthy dose of suspicion. A chance to think deeper about what really goes on.

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