Thursday, March 13, 2014

why we hate our jobs

You've probably heard that around 70% of Americans hate their jobs (even with perks). I thought my restlessness and frustration was just me, turns out a lot of you feel the same way.
When I went to college orientation, I'll never forget this because it haunts me everyday, the speaker told us, "Do not choose a major based on the money you want to make." It was the first official piece of college education I received. And what did I do? I thought to myself, "Pft, whatever. I come from a poor family and I want my future to be so much more than pay check to pay check survival, even if I have to do a job that I hate." And that is exactly what I did/do. I went on to graduate with a business degree in accounting (which stripped me of any creativity) because I could do the work, not because I had a passion for it. I brushed off that I really didn't like it, I wanted that paycheck.

Well, it turns out that pay isn't the only thing that's important.

We spend roughly 50 years, or 13,000 days working. It would do us some good to actually like what we do. Otherwise, those 13,000 days can feel like 6,594,234 days.

But why do we hate our jobs?

We crave to be a part of something that aligns with our beliefs, something that calls to us. We get satisfaction when we work on something that is meaningful to us. A nice salary is good, perks are good. But when we enjoy the work, the process, the purpose AND have a feeling of value paired with growth, the satisfaction and happiness allow us to be fully invested and immersed. When you do something you love and believe in, you don't clock watch or complain or wish for 3 months of paid time off. You're in it and the days fly and you wish the day was longer because you are so excited about your work.

We hate our jobs because we chased the money, not the purpose. We valued the result and not the why and the how of it all.

I'm right there with you.

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