Wednesday, February 26, 2014

when i think everything is stupid

I'm skeptical, judgmental, dissenting and doubtful on half-glass-empty days. I march around scoffing at everything as my gloomy cloud follows. On these day, I think everything is stupid, like painfully and wretchedly stupid.

Just before I toss my yogurt container into the recycle bin I stare down disdainfully at the word "recycle" in bright white block letters and I am sure this recycle bin, any recycle bin, never actually makes it to a recycling facility. Do they even really exist? I bet this all ends up in the dump, on its way to filling up our earth until we can't see the sun. Pft. It's just the container-making company's ploy to get everyone to buy more containers.

I drive around absolutely sure that anyone who moves into my lane within 50ft ahead of me has a personal vendetta against me. With my eyebrows set in an angry furrow, I mutter unpleasantries. 

When my pencil runs out of lead, gah! Now I have to walk across the building for a refill. Somebody must have come in and stolen the lead out of my pencil just to spite me, of course.

When I go to the store for bananas and they have no bananas, argh! Somebody must have just snatched the last bunch because they saw me barreling toward the produce section.

And when the olympics takes over the tv and all my favorite shows are on break, and when we're out of coffee and dog food, and when I can't listen to one more bit of office gossip, and when my necklace breaks and all the beads roll into the street and when and when...

Everything is stupid. 

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